32 Bit - ATD

by Almark



Here is a song that was on my HD for nearly a year, I had some time to mix and master it. This song will be on a album in the future The titles will have tape part names, Captain Capstan and other weirdness. Possibly it will be half and half, Analog to Digital names, such as this is the digital side of the album. 32 bit.

To be on ATD album


released June 11, 2013
Song written 2012, Completed mixing and mastering 2013
Copyright 2013

notes: Mastered version.



all rights reserved


Almark Tulsa, Oklahoma

Since the dawn of the millennium Almark has written Electronic music, starting with influences in Industrial then branching out into his own sound. The music is like nothing you've heard, it is original, timeless, and sometimes reminds others of things they might have heard but not able to place where. The music is hypnotic, beat-driven and Electronic, sample based, becoming an avant-garde. ... more

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